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Employers can offer their employees a wide range of retirement products through their partnership with Legend Group Financial Professionals. We make it easy for organizations to offer a valuable benefit, one that can help build loyalty and attract quality employees. Our retirement plan programs can be customized to reflect both sponsor and participant needs, including a broad selection of investment options and professional investment management services.

Plan participants can enjoy ongoing educational opportunities designed to increase participation and to help employees work toward their retirement goals. Plan Sponsors may utilize our sophisticated administrative services and compliance expertise as well as receive regulatory announcements, technical assistance and e-mail/website updates.

Our Plan Sponsor solutions include:

  • Salary Deferral §403(b)
  • ERISA §403(b)
  • Roth §403(b)
  • Discriminatory Governmental §403(b)
  • §457(b) Governmental
  • Roth §457(b) Governmental
  • §457(b) Non-Governmental
  • §457(f) Top Hat
  • §401(a) Governmental
  • Corporate §401(k)
  • Personal §401(k)
ER Billing

Plan Administration

The Legend Group/ADSERV, Legend's administrative arm, provides prototype plan documents, common remitter services, plan administration, recordkeeping, and reporting for most qualified plans. By simplifying the implementation and maintenance of retirement plans, we assist employers in providing their employees with valuable benefits. The Legend Group/ADSERV’s administrative services are fully automated and electronically linked with many nationally recognized mutual fund and insurance companies, providing a wide variety of investment choices. Common remitter services allow for multiple investment choices with one-check billing. Integrated billing and reconciliation systems can provide various payroll reduction and deduction options as well. The Legend Group/ADSERV’s automated loan administration and distribution processing services enable retirement plan participants to access their funds when necessary, if the employer’s plan permits.

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